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Welcome to my blog.

Sometimes it’s just easier to start over.  My other blog always feels like it’s got so much of the weight of my previous writing on it, it’s hard to add to it without getting overwhelmed. Plus I started it and carried out most of my blogging at a time when my focus and personality were both very different from today. People come to expect a certain type of posts, or a certain range of topics, and you start to feel hemmed in.  Even when you want to say “To hell with it, I’ll write what I want,” you still get stuck in a rut. This blog is my experiment in breaking out of that rut.

Seeing as it’s an experiment, I don’t know where it’ll go. I don’t know if this will be the last post. I get some serious posting inertia when it comes to blogging, but you never know. I don’t even know who’s going to be interested in reading this, other than people who know me already. I may even forget the blog exists. Stranger things have happened to me online.

So let’s see where this goes, if anywhere at all. Either way it’ll be interesting.

Oh yeah, and “cussin’ and discussin'” was one of my dad’s pet expressions. And it’s not a bad description of what goes on, on the average blog. 🙂