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Thinky Bits Thursday

Thinky Bits Thursday
Famous “The Thinker” sculpture with a backdrop of neurons, saying “Thinky Bits Thursday” in orange letters.

This is a placeholder post for Thinky Bits Thursday. Explanations will happen — maybe today, maybe tomorrow, maybe never, but probably soon. If I don’t post this, though, I’ll never post it, and then I’ll never remember to use the graphic the way I meant to use it.

Human beings are often overly proud of our thinky bits. Thinky bits being what I call the parts of our thinking that so many of us see as all there is to “us” to begin with. The parts of our brains that do a certain pretty spectacular kind of thinking, then get all impressed with ourselves all the while watching ourselves think.

All of which is great but there’s a lot more to us than our thinky bits. Even our thinky bits aren’t all there is to thinking, or all there is to thinky bits.

Anyway, I still can’t seem to manage a simple bullet-point list of some topics this could be about, so I’m leaving this as a placeholder still. But I’m meaning to say that this can range from any kind of theory or theoretical thinking, to something about how thinking happens, there are a lot of possibilities.

But my thinky bits aren’t working too great at the moment, and that’s part of my problem. (There’s two separate problems, probably more, that this system of post topics for days of the week is supposed to help with. And both the ones I can think of, could easily fall under the category ‘thinky bits’. But so could a lot of other things I can’t seem to write about at the moment.)


Hufflepuff. Came from the redwoods, which tell me who I am and where I belong in the world. I relate to objects as if they are alive, but as things with identities and properties all of their own, not as something human-like. Culturally I'm from a California Okie background. Crochet or otherwise create constantly, write poetry and paint when I can. Proud member of the developmental disability self-advocacy movement. I care a lot more about being a human being than I care about what categories I fit into.

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