This blog is not about my father, but it is dedicated to his memory — Ron Baggs, 1941-2014.  Despite problems we had sometimes, he was one of my true heroes and role models, and even the way he handled his own death leaves me an example to try to live up to.  And I love him, and like all of his kids, I’m in one way or another what he called a “chip off the ol’ blockhead”.  So I guess since I’m dedicating this to his memory, here’s a couple of my favorite pictures of us together:

Ron Mel eating squash 600x401

Here’s an earlier one:

Ron Mel baby in city400x618

Anyway, cussin’ and discussin’ was one of a number of his favorite expressions, like fine as frog fur.  But although the blog is dedicated to him, and gets its title from him, it’s not really specifically about him in its content.  I hope he’d have been proud of it, though.

So, my name’s Mel.  This blog doesn’t have a specific topic.  At leas, it hasn’t got one yet.  It might develop one.  But I don’t want to pin it down before I’ve had a chance to write in it, and see if it takes off and develops a common theme or not.  Some of the posts may be things I’ve written elsewhere, but some of them may only be written here.  I haven’t decided fully about that, yet, either.

One reason I’ve left this blog so purposely open-ended for now, is that I feel like on my other blogs I got pigeonholed into writing on one or two topics, and even when I tried to write about other things, other people would insist on relating everything I said back to those one or two topics.  This got stifling.  The expectations got stifling.  So even when posts overlap about those topics — which might or might not happen — that is not a sign that I only should ever write about one or two things, ever.

So with that incredibly vague description, I don’t have that much else to say.  If your comments don’t appear or take awhile to appear, it’s either because I haven’t got to them, because I don’t want to breach your own privacy (I’m not going to publish your comment if it has contact information in it), because it’s actual spam or just fell into a spam folder somehow, or because there’s actually something wrong with it.  The last is the least likely, but if you’re deliberately nasty, for instance, I’m not going to give you a platform here.

See you around,



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Mel Baggs,

    My name is Dr Bonnie Evans, I am an academic based in Britain. I am currently working on a project entitled ‘Autism through Cinema’ and we are running a series of screenings at the Barbican – one of the UK’s largest and most well-known arts organisations – in April 2020. We would really love to screen your film ‘In my Language’ at the screenings and were wondering if you could give us permission to do so? It would be really great if you could contact me to let me know if this would be OK so please do let me know via email.

    I couldn’t find anywhere else to contact you, but was told of your twitter page via one of our advisors on the project – Damian Milton – and found this link. Please do let me know what you think via email if possible. Many thanks.


    1. Hello I can’t find your email but you’ve got my permission. So long as you understand it is not about autism. It’s about developmental disability self advocacy. It’s inspired by Ashley X. I wrote it because of her, and it was inspired by my other video, something like Being an Unperson. It’s an act of DD solidarity. Nothing more nothing less. Keep that in mind. CNN really mangled it. I started out telling them all about Ashley X. Then they said I made it “to bring others into my autistic world” or something like that, something that sounded like it was quoting Sue Rubin, one of their other interview projects, word for word. Don’t always trust the news, it may not be what it seems, and me on the news is definitely not what it seems. Some parts they got right, but the main part of the story they got wrong. And my chat with DJ Savarese annoyed both of us the way it was edited. We were trying to talk politics and they pretty much showed nothing of that. Boy do they love the voiceover. It makes them able to say whatever they want whether it has anything to do with what we say. I had no idea, contrary to popular belief, what they would do. I only went on TV because I was told by a trusted friend and mentor that while she was once a publicity addict, it is just as egotistical to run from the press when you have an important message from an important self-advocacy movement. But they had decided to turn it into an “all about autism” story. Also my full name is Amelia Evelyn Voicy Baggs. Thank you very much for caring about this and spreading the word.

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