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If You Don’t See Your Comment Yet

Comments are moderated.  It takes time for them to appear.   Sometimes a lot of time.  If your comment has not appear so far, then one of the following has happened, in order from most likely to least likely:

  • I haven’t got around to it, or didn’t even know the comment needed moderation.
  • The comment got trapped in spam filters and I never saw it.
  • The comment contained personal information about you or someone else, that I don’t feel comfortable posting.
  • The comment was clearly intended for me, not for publication.
  • I haven’t decided yet whether to allow your cmo
  • The comment was a type that I don’t allow on this blog.

What types of comments are not welcome here?

  • Spam (unsolicited advertisements)
  • Threats or harassment
  • Deliberate cruelty or nastiness
  • Revealing of private information about people
  • Questions that run like “I’m the parent of a child with [your disability] and I want to  learn all about it, can you teach me r point me to resources?”  There’s a time and a place and that is not now and not here.  Other intrusive personal questions may fall under this category.
  • Communication that’s all about one-upmanship and social dominance, and not about exchanging experiences, ideas, or information.
  • Other stuff that makes this blog not the kind of place I’d want to visit.

That’s just an example.  There are other comments I wouldn’t allow.  It’s up to my discretion.  I’ll undoubtedly get things wrong.  But I’ve learned that if you put a rigid comment code, it scares off people who want to make legitimate comments, and bullies take it as a challenge to stick to the letter of the law while breaking it in spirit.

When in doubt, remember:  

I am a human being.  Treat me, and others, like human beings.  We are not just words on a screen.

Coming to my blog is like entering my home.  You are a guest here.  Please treat me and my home andother guests with respect. I reserve the right to ask you to leave.  I reserve the right to remove you from my house.

And I don’t have to explain myself.  Chances are, if you’re doing anything malicious, you know full well what you’re up to and don’t need an explanation.

Apologies in advance if I get anyone wrong.  It’s boundto happen, but the alternative is worse.