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A musician I wish more people knew about.

So I wish there was more material online, but there is this amazing blues musician that I only really ran into by accident. I had a staff person who was involved in the local lesbian community, and involved in putting on events. So I ended up being sort of part of that entire setup crew for a woman I had never heard of or seen before.

Her name was Gwen Avery. It was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. I had a wonderful time. I got to contribute to the preparations, and that was a big deal. Because people tend to assume I can’t do those kind of things. But I actually tend to do really well in environments where I am clear on what I need to do, and it’s something I can do pretty easily physically. And that’s the kind of thing that had me doing. So I was actually able to make genuine contributions to the prep work for the concert.

There had been some arguments over whether to take me. Because some people thought I would behave in embarrassing ways, and that I would not be able to do anything to contribute to anything was happening. And that I would just be like a burden on everyone or whatever. And that’s of course not what happened and the person actually said she was glad I came along. And that she was glad she got to know me better.

Anyway Gwen Avery’s singing and playing is amazing. You can’t help but move to it, at least I can’t. And it’s one of two concerts I’ve been to where I had no knowledge going in of even what kind of music I was gonna be listening to, but turned out to be two of the best concerts have ever been to. So I really wish there was more of her available online. All I can really do is show you a video of some interviews with her and some of her music.

And a Gwen Avery gallery with an article about her life.

She had the kind of voice I can listen to pretty much forever.  Textured and interesting and with a lot of depth.  I’m glad I got to listen to her and even meet her before she died.