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My case managers have never heard of Olmstead.

Lois Curtis and Elaine Wilson
Lois Curtis (right) and Elaine Wilson (left), the Olmstead plaintiffs

Olmstead was the decision at the Supreme Court that has allowed so many Americans with developmental disabilities to live in our own homes of our choosing.  Two women with developmental disabilities, Lois Curtis and Elaine Wilson, sued for their right to leave an institution.

It is the basis for the system that provides me services.

You can read more about this decision at Olmstead: Community Integration For Everyone.  There is also a Wikipedia page about Olmstead.  There is also the Olmstead Rights Page.

This happened back in 1995-1999, guys.  Anyone who works in the system should be aware of it.

My case managers had never heard of it.

This at an agency that violates it regularly.

This is important and telling.



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